Hippocrates Health Institute Testimonials

This is a page of testimonials of people who have been cured of illnesses, namely Cancer,
at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. The following testimonials
are taken from LifeForce: Superior Health and Longevity by Dr.Brian Clement
(c. Hippocrates Health Institute: 2007).

Dr. Clement is the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute and has been there for over
forty years helping people overcome all manner of ailments through the use of Raw and living foods.

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A Husband's Experience Inspires Belief
Testimonial by Jo Olinky (Isreal - p.22)

A year ago, when I was fifty-four, I found a lump in my throat. Concerned, I visited a top oncologist in Tel Aviv. His diagnosis of lymphoma startled and horrified me. [Lymphoma is any tumor composed of lymph tissue.]

My husband, who has been a vegetarian for several decades and adheres to the Hippocrates Program, now had a perfect opportunity to suggest that I give the lifestyle a chance for a few weeks before pursuing any radical medical procedures. So I followed his example and held to his belief that it would work.

Eight weeks after I received the shocking news, I scheduled an appointment for my second CAT scan. The doctor looked at me and asked, "What are you doing here?" He explained that my lymphoma had completely disappeared.

My husband and I were like two children in a playground. Now it's well over a year since those trying days. I am still on the Hippocrates Program, and my most recent CAT scan came back as clear as a blue sky in the summer. I feel all the people should give nature, faith, belief, and life a chance.

My Belief System Sustained Me
Testimonial by Betty McClellan (Houston, Texas - p.25)

Twenty-nine years ago I faced a breast cancer diagnosis. My medical options at the time were conventional, yet my belief system contradicted the doctor's suggestions. I had read about the Hippocrates Program and knew that it had guided people with cancer to heal themselves. This was more appealing to my husband and me, so we got on a plane and came to Hippocrates for one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever encountered.

After graduating from the program, I became devoted to the diet and the benefits increased. My children and husband had difficulty dining on raw food, so I prepared the so-called normal diet for them. My support system became Hippocrates, and whenever I needed reinforcement, I would attend the program for a short time.

Over the years, my physicians have viewed me with puzzlement. Not one of them ever showed interest in why my cancer went into total remission. Recently my doctor at the Mayo Clinic finally said the words that I longed to hear for almost three decades, "I guess your lifestyle has healed your cancer." This is something that I clearly understood, but it was disconcerting that the people who had tended to my health could not bring themselves to understand the process of natural healing.

Purging Toxins Rejuvenated Health
Testimonial by Patricia Williams (West Palm Beach, Florida - p.42)

For many years I had been suffering from Candidiasis without knowing it or recognizing its vague symptoms. I had a rash all over my hands, arms, and legs. My abdomen was distended so much that I looked like I was in my seventh month of pregnancy. I was taking medication for asthma like symptoms, and as the fungus had spread into my lungs and was causing breathing problems.

By compromising my immune system, Candidiasis made me vulnerable to a host of other problems, including polio and leukemia. My arduous search for good health led me to the Hippocrates Program. I spent three weeks in intensive detoxification. After the three weeks, my rash gradually disappeared, and my abdomen deflated to one-quarter of its bloated size. I began to feel as if a heavy load had been lifted off of me. I was told this was the result of toxins being eliminate from my body. My white hair has even returned to its original brown color. I am finally back to good health, and I am continuing to adhere to this remarkable program.

Immune System Breakdown Reversed
Testimonial by Juanita Gonzales (West Palm Beach, Florida - p.56)

In 1998, at the age for forty-two, I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. Plasma cells are a vital part of the immune system, since they produce antibodies to fight infections. Therefore, anyone with multiple myeloma has a compromised immune system.

Previously a disease that affected only elderly people, multiple myeloma is increasingly being diagnosed in younger adults. Researchers speculate that it is caused by a combination of genetics and exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemical toxins. There is no known medical cure.

Naturally, I had no idea what multiple myeloma was when I received the diagnosis. My doctor advised that we continue tracking my condition and that eventually I would need to undergo chemotherapy and have a bone marrow transplant. My first question to her was, "In the meantime, what should I eat? What can I do?" She advised me to continue my normal diet. Rather than wait passively for my condition to worsen, I decided to research alternatives, I took my fate into my own hands.

One day, while I was at the health food store, a lady backed into my car in the parking lot. The first thing she said to me was that she was sure we met for a reason. When she gave me her business card, it turned out that she worked at the Hippocrates Health Institute. That was my introduction the Hippocrates Program. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in the program and embraced it fully.

In 2002, at the insistence of my hematologist, I had a bone marrow biopsy. She was sure it was time for me to have a bone marrow transplant. The results of the biopsy read as follows: "Marrow aspirate showing no immunophenotypic evidence of residual multiple myeloma." In lay terms that means no cancer! It has been seven years now, and I am more alive and healthier than ever.

Regenerated Immune System Does the Real Healing
Testimonial by Alice Stern (West Palm Beach, Florida - p.58)

My hell began with the words, "You have an inoperable cancer, and it's your leg or your life!" My orthopedic oncologis spoke those words after failing in an attempt to surgically remove the tumor in my left knee. "I can't guarantee your survival after the amputation," he continued, "but it's a start."

Shortly thereafter, the medical team advised my husband, C.S., to contact hospice; clearly the prognosis was not optimistic. We were devastated. I could not believe that I could be losing my leg or my life or both. I decided to submit to an experimental hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion - a drastic, localized, chemo-therapeutic procedure. The procedure itself was grueling, but the worst part was that the operating oncologist removed- without forewarning me - all of the lymph nodes in my left groin area. I had lost an essential part of my immune system for no reason, because the lymph nodes had tested negative for cancer.

My health challenges continued. I contracted a severe, life threatening infection due to a poorly attached drain in my leg. I was rehospitalized. My condition worsened, and I believed that I was nearing death. I decided to forgo all of my medication, thinking that these might be causing more harm than good. Meanwhile, we were racing the clock to find a place where I could recover, free from further poisoning.

We found the Hippocrates Program, and both my husband and I checked in and made all of the recommended lifestyle changes. We continued with the program after leaving Hippocrates. Within a year, a follow-up MRI revealed that the sarcoma behind my knee had diminished from 42 to 27 millimeters in diameter, and it had completely disentangled from the neurovascular bundle of blood vessels, nerves, and connecting tissues. The doctor handed the MRI to my husband, turned toward me, and said one word, "Congratulations!" Of course, we were moved to tears. This time, though, they were tears of joy.

My last MRI was November 2001. The tumor had reduced in volume by over 90 percent and was well on its way to being eradicated by my dramatically improved immune system. The radiologist, comparing this MRI to the original one from 1996, said with amazement that in his twenty-five years in radiology he had never seen this type of reversal. The head oncologist was equally amazed. He was not only baffled that I had full use of my leg again, but also that the tumor had retracted and was nearly gone. I asked him if he would like to know what I had done to get these amazing results. To my amazement, he replied, "I don't have time to learn about that."

Today, even without those lymph nodes, my wonderful immune system has cleared away almost all of the damage and constructed new, healthy tissues. My leg looks great and feels almost the same as my other leg. I am bursting with energy and have vibrant health. And my husband and I have become accomplished ballroom dancers.

Escaping a Death Sentence from Pancreatic Cancer
Testimonial by Samantha Young (Toronto, Canada - p.74)

Back in the late 1990s, I found myself suffering fatigue, nausea, and constantly interrupted sleep brought on by the excruciating pain in my stomach. My physician conducted some investigative blood work, and the results appeared to be completely normal, but an ultrasound test revealed a 10-centimeter mass on my pancreas.

The doctor explained that if I were older, she would believe that the tumor was benign; however, because I was young, she suspected it might be cancer. Just that word instilled so much fear in my heart. The doctor said that my options were surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Adding to my massive fatigue, I now began suffering the effects of depression. All I could think about was the cancer. I was reluctant to make plans for the future. Three months away seemed like an eternity. Five years certainly seemed impossible. Should I continue to tent to my home? Would I be alive next week?

Thank goodness my five daughters came and nurtured me. The adjusted their schedules and stayed with me at the onset of this sad period of my life. They described my color and gray-green. On top of all this, the doctors finally admitted that although chemotherapy and radiation treatments were suggested, they ultimately would not make any difference in my case, nor would they prolong my life. They told me, "I am sorry, Samantha, get your house in order."

These crushing words disheartened me and brought me to the realization I had been written off. My children and I continued to search the medical literature and found that a twelve-month survival rate would be the most I could hope for. After exploring all the medical options, we finally concluded that there were none. Fortunately, we had all practiced meditation for many years, so we were somewhat familiar with natural living and methods for healing. Slowly, I pulled myself together by improving my lifestyle, which gave me enough energy to search out a place of healing.

That is when I came upon the Hippocrates Health Institute. It was reassuring to find that they had fifty years of experience. They were innumerable examples of people who had beaten the odds and brought about their own recovery from catastrophic disease. Their belief paralleled mine - we must learn to trust our body and its ability to heal itself.

As I stepped onto the Institute's ground and met the staff, I felt at home and completely encouraged for the first time since my diagnosis of death. I remembered thinking about what a different experience it was there versus the medical model that I had suffered at home. I slowly adopted the program and was aghast when I looked through a microscope and viewed cancer cells thriving on cooked food. This wrenched me into fully practicing the living food diet. Slowly, but surely, my pallor gave way to a more acceptable color, and as time passed, my normal skin tones prevailed.

In addition to the diet, I used far-infrared therapy to gently heat my body up to 115 degrees F and make sure to include lots of messages and reflexology. I continued my meditation and creative visualization and drank copious amounts of wheatgrass juice.

After two years, the tumors had shrunk to less than half their original size. Before I knew it, I was in remission. Now I know the cancer could be beaten. What made me realize that I was completely well was my busy schedule, the many days I spent on the golf course or swimming, and all the fruitful time I enjoyed with my five fantastic daughters.

Coming back to life shook my core and helped to remove my fears. Realizing I was now a walking, talking example of my body's own intelligence gave me the vigor to share this experience with my family and friends. Now almost seven years later, I realize that this lifestyle requires focus, daily commitment, and constant follow-through.

Taking total responsibility for my health has not only brought about my own survival over the last seven years, it has elevated me to the understanding that life begins with me. Each of us has the authority and responsibility to move forward and change anything we want to in our lives. Like me, you can squelch any limitation presented to you.

Overcoming a Brain Tumor
Testimonial by Bonnie Lovett (West Palm Beach, Florida - p.78)

My story begins in 2004. A CAT scan showed that I had a very large mass on the right side of my brain. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor! I could not believe it. To make matters worse, I needed immediate surgery.

We waited two days to see the neurosurgeon. The doctor wanted to take sections of my tumor for a biopsy. My husband, Stuart, told them there was no way he would allow this procedure. Next think we knew, I was dismissed from St. Mary's Hospital.

By this time, I was having difficulty speaking and was suffering from terrible headaches. I could barely walk and had blurry vision. I also could not write. All my motor skills were not functioning, and I lost the ability to maintain bladder control.

Faced with this dead end, my husband and I discussed alternatives. We needed something immediate and close, so we called the Hippocrates Health Institute and spoke to the director, Brian Clement. We all know that I was going to need surgery as soon as we could find a doctor to do it. Dr. Clement urged me to change my eating habits immediately. This meant no more coffee with hazelnut cream, no sugar, no flour, very little fruit, no meat, no chicken, no fish. Only raw living food, lots of wheatgrass, green drinks, lots of sprouts, and water with lemon. I had to make a major change in the way that I ate in order to save myself.

Several months later, I had my surgery at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. It lasted seven hours, and I lost seven pints of blood. The size of my atypical meningioma brain tumor was close to four pounds (the size of a grapefruit). My recovery time was five days in the hospital plus two days as an outpatient.

When we got home from the hospital, the first thing we did was buy a juicer to make my wheatgrass and green drinks. I started buying sprouts and wheatgrass and even started growing my own.

Two months later, I started feeling tired and my head was hurting again, so I had an MRI with contrast. They found two small tumors in my brain. Then my husband and I flew up the National Institutes of Health and had another MRI with contrast. The doctors found one small tumor.

Since I had an aggressive brain tumor, the doctors wanted to do immediate radiation on my brain for six weeks, once a day. I know what the effects of radiation would bring - and I know that I would have a malignant tumor five to twenty-five years later somewhere else in my body. Stuart and I agreed that we would take an alternative route. After my surgery, I was consistent with the Hippocrates Program at first, but as time when on, I slowly started to slack off by not juicing every day. Also, I started to eat the wrong types of food more frequently.

We spoke to Dr. Clement again, and he recommended no fruits, no carrots, no dairy, and absolutely no sugar. He then asked me if I had an ironing board, and I said, "Yes, why?" He wanted me to put my head on the floor and raise my legs on the ironing board, leaning up against the couch twice a day for fifteen minutes so the blood would rush to my head and help with the healing process.

Knowing that Dr. Clement know his stuff, I was willing to do whatever he asked of me. I was afraid of what could happen if I did not stick to the plan. I also went to an acupuncturist for two months, used aggressive Chinese herbs, wore a magnetic headband, drank green drinks and wheatgrass juice, and ate lots of different kinds of sprouts several times a day as well as other types of raw living food.

In November 2005, the week before I was supposed to start radiation, I kept stalling; I did not feel the need for radiation. I called my neurosurgeon and asked him for one more MRI with contrast. I told him that if anything showed up, I would go through radiation without a word. I got my wish. I know in my heart there would be nothing there. They did another MRI with contrast , and the finding showed no more tumors, no blood clots, no more hemorrhaging. All the doctors could say was that I did not need radiation. In May 2006, we went to the NIH for my three-month checkup. I had another MRI with contrast. The white matter disease was gone. I had made it through

Recovering From Thyroid Cancer
Testimonial by Marlene Boudreault (Quebec, Canada - p.90)

My health challenge began in December 1993, when doctors handed me their diagnosis of medullary thyroid carcinoma a rare form of cancer of the thyroid gland. I was in shock. I was only thirty-four years old, with two beautiful children, eight and ten years old. Now my world was falling apart!

My doctors recommended a series of operations, because my case did not allow chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I underwent five operations over ten years, the last one leaving me with visible scars. Apart from the obvious scar on my neck, the sympathetic nerve was touched and the entire left side of my face was sagging. Modern medicine had clearly reached its limits at my expense.

Eventually, I decided to try the Hippocrates Program in Florida. All of the treatments I have since undergone there -- the living food, the therapeutic juices, the regular and sustained exercises, the progessional instruction -- have enabled me not only to understand but also to integrate this lifestyle into my daily routine. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

After the three-week program, my face regained its normal appearance (with a bonus of nicer skin), my energy level increased fivefold, and my metabolism stabilized. Today I eat consciously, because I am aware of all the benefits of this nutrition: increased levels of oxygen in my cells and more nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes to strengthen the immune system. After more than two years on this diet, my body, my mind, and my spirit are balanced, and I have gained health and inner peace.

Overcoming Breast Cancer
Testimonial by Lucille Bradshaw (Orlando, Florida - p.101)

During my last mammogram, the doctor found a small tumor that had not been there the previous year. Having been a medical professional for twenty years, I decided to seek second opinions from four other physicians. I had a biopsy and was diagnosed with infiltrating duct cell carcinoma.

A surgeon performed a lumpectomy and removed a few surrounding lymph nodes. I was subsequently referred to a radiation oncologist for follow-up treatment. At the same time, my cousin from Barbados was visiting me and my husband. She told me, "You have already been invaded twice, and if you go further with this radiation, you will kill many healthy cells along with the cancer. You should go to the Hippocrates Health Institute."

Thanks to my cousin, I discovered a better way than more surgery and radiation. Hippocrates provided the perfect environment in which my mind and body could return to their natural state of health. After finishing the program, I maintained it at home and continued to heal myself. My surgeon confirmed my excellent condition and told me to continue whatever I was doing, as it was obviously working. She, like so many others, is now aware of all the benefits that I have received from the living food program.

Beating Cancer with Diet
Testimonial by Bill Hughes (Modesto, California - p. 104)

On New Year's Day 1995, I woke up with a lump the size of a big lemon on my neck. My wife insisted we go to the to the emergency room in Palm Springs, California, where we were vacationing. They took some blood tests and advised me to see my physician at home. My doctor diagnosed me with lymphoma (cancer of the lymph glands) and informed me that if I didn't immediately start chemotherapy treatments, I only had about six months to live. Even with those treatments, he said i could live for only another five years.

Our son-in-law, who is a certified nutritionist, suggested that I consider the Hippocrates Program. After a lot of reading, I decided it was my best bet. When I informed my oncologist, the pressure began. My general practitioner called me at home and tried to convince me that I was making a big mistake. So did my oncologist. My family and friends started getting on my case about not starting the treatments, so I caved in and began chemo. After my second treatment, my hair fell out and I looked like the walking dead. I decided that chemo would kill me before the cancer.

So I went to Hippocrates for a three-week visit in their program. I can truly say this has been on e of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Three years later, I am completely free of any cancer. I feel better and have more energy at age seventy-two than I did at age forty-two. I grow my own wheatgrass and sprouts and drink two quarts of raw organic vegetable juice ever day. I spend a good deal of my time talking to people who want to find out what I did to defeat the cancer and look so healthy.

A Lifestyle Commitment to Healing
Testimonial by Lili B. Link (New York City - p. 134)

At the age of thirty-one, I went into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple procedure to remove a blood clot on my uterus. However, it turned out to be a grapefruit-sized tumor growing out of my uterus, and it was touching my ovary, bladder, colon, and abdominal wall.

My surgeons removed my uterus and one ovary, and I'm told they did the best to scrape any remaining cells from the various places where the tumor had been touching. The diagnosis was a pelvic sarcoma with a very aggressive cell type. Since it is an uncommon tumor, it is hard to give an accurate statistical prognosis. However, I do know that things were looking grim.

My oncologist, with whom I have a wonderful relationship, gave me six cycles of intensive chemotherapy over the next four months. four weeks after I completed my conventional therapy, I went into the Hippocrates Lifeforce program. I was bald, skinny, weak, menopausal, anemic, and had a low white blood cell count. I spent three weeks at Hippocrates, and a different member of my immediate family stayed with me each week. I had a wonderful experience there and took the program home with me (as did each member of my family, much to their surprise!).

I have been juicing five times a day (two wheatgrass, one cucumber, and two green drinks) ever since then and eat the mostly raw, vegan, organic diet I learned about at Hippocrates. I bought a second Champion juicer, which I keep at work so I can juice there. I purchased a sturdy suitcase that allows me to pack a juicer and juicing supplies when I travel. I hired someone to come to my home a few hours a week to help with my food preparation, so that each morning I can put my containers of salad and juice prep in a bag to go to work.

This lifestyle definitely requires a strong commitment, and three years later I am still refining my routine so that it fits more easily into my day. I can assure you that the benefits have been stupendous. I feel well and am told I look well. As best as modern medicine can tell, there is no evidence of cancer in my body. I became engaged to a wonderful man, and though he eats a fairly standard American diet, he is very supportive and encouraging of what I do.

The best news of all is that my remaining ovary started functioning again. With the support of this lifestyle, I am looking forward to a long life of good times and challenges.